Jamón Ibérico cebo gama alta de Jabugo
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Iberico Spanish Ham - Jabugo High-end product

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With bone






Product Description

Iberico Spanish Ham - Jabugo High-end product . Piece of Iberian pigs raised in freedom and fattened with natural feed in meadows of the southern Iberian Peninsula, it is Jabugo. Of remarkable natural drawing without any additives or preservative, exclusively the salt. Cured in air dryers and cellars of Jabugo during a period that oscillates depending on their weight, between the 24 & 36 months healing.

It is a product of Supreme quality, He will not leave you indifferent and sure you will repeat, certified quality.

You can enjoy this product boning or integer. Boneless ham, means only the center of the ham so you can enjoy it in its entirety.

The ham is coming from the hind legs of the white pig, raised and fed according to the standards of the breed, with specific and natural feed. Careful food gives him that peculiar and charming ham flavor, Spanish ham.

Additional Information


With bone, Boneless


5-6, 7.5-8, 8-9


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