At Esejamonjamon we know how important that is to offer quality products and that all our customers enjoy. However, not always want to delight us with Serrano ham, Iberico ham, or sausages At home, Sometimes he plays to pack and feel like eating any of our products during the journey or at the destination. For this reason we have created a series of Ham packs to save and, at the same time, carry our products everywhere.

Pack ham #Spain - traveler

Pack ham Spain at Esejamonjamon

A variety of ham that you can not miss. Buy in our store of hams this composite pack by 3 Iberian ham (200 g each) envelopes and 1 County of Artola breeding bottle.

Pack ham #GustosaPaletilla

Pack ham to save GustosaPaletilla

This ham to save Pack 1/2 palette Duroc, 1/2 piece of chorizo Ibérico de Jabugo and 1/2 part of iberico Jabugo ham sausage (last both of) 500 GR about.

Pack ham to save #Serranito

Pack ham to save GustosaPaletilla

The #Serranito option includes 1/3 serrano ham, 1/2 piece of white-backed (approx. 500 GR) and 2 wine bottles: Cal y Canto white and lime and Red song.

Pack ham #IbéricoSerrano

Pack Ibericoserrano in Esejamonjamon

If you are looking for a good amount of product, the pack you'll love of the ham to save #IbéricoSerrano. It includes 1/2 serrano ham and 1/2 piece of chorizo Ibérico de Jabugo, Salchichón Ibérico de Jabugo and white.

Pack ham #IbéricoTotal

Pack ham to save Esejamonjamon IbéricoTotal

The perfect pack for lovers of Iberian ham. The #IbéricoTotal gives you the option of choosing between 1/2 or 1/2 Iberian ham of Cebo, In addition to including 1/2 Chorizo Ibérico de Jabugo and 1/2 Salchichón Ibérico de Jabugo.

If our pack ham have liked to save, Don't miss the web of Esejamonjamon, Since we will soon draw our lots of Christmas so you can enjoy quality products during these designated dates at the best price.