Ham ham or Healthy Fitness?

Ham and health, for many two concepts that collide each other, is it good for our body?. Especially nowadays not only matter that what you eat is good. Obviously, is has always tried to keep a healthy diet, but now fashion has reinforced this concern. If you love the ham and also like you to care for your diet, Today we will see that it is not inconsistent to enjoy both.

Ham is a great food resource, do you want to know why?

First of all, for its ease of preparation, any time is a quick, easy and healthy option. Its possible combinations with other foods are endless since House with everything.

Recommendation lunch: toast integral/rye, tomato base, Iberian ham and extra virgin olive oil. Accompanied by a fruit juice.

But is really healthy?

Both the spanish wine and as the Iberian ham, that besides being both natural and cured foods in traditional processes, they are rich in high-quality protein foods. Specifically 33 GR of each 100 GR are protein, 19,5 GR of fat and <0.5 g carbohydrates per each 100 gr.

Also is a food rich in iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins of the B group, essential for our body. Ham and health are beginning to be two compatible concepts.

The ham and the heart

As the ham has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acid (oleic acid, main component of olive oil), It is a food that contributes with a heart-healthy fat our body.

In addition there are scientific studies that endorse the above statement, as the study published the scientific magazine “The Journal of Nutrition Health and Aging”, by Dr. José Sabán. Which States that Iberian ham does not make us gain weight or increase levels of triglycerides, at least in the short term. In addition the doctor points out the potential healing power, Iberian ham improves cardiovascular health, says les this study to the ham as "blood pressure reducer".

Okay, Having said that we can say than the ham for its beneficial properties for the heart (among others) and its high content of the proteins, is a fitness and healthy food.

Iberian ham is a fitness and healthy food.

In addition, must not forget the high protein percentages of the Iberian Loin, Iberian sausage and Iberian chorizo.

So, Remember to add these three foods in your diet in a varied and responsible manner, and don't forget that ham and health are fully compatible. At the ham ham we can help already in our online shop of ham, sausages and wine , paletas, sausages & wines you find the ham in the format that you prefer to consume it.


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