Here we are again! Today from the online shop of ham, sausages and wine Esejamonjamon We will talk about a subject in which we are experts: Ham's quality and its official classification.

How we know, the Iberian ham quality it has to come from the Iberian pigs, but… What are the distinctions? The correct and adopted classification is the regulations enacted in January of 2014, but due to the periods of healing of the hams, the labels gave light over the past year. Before introducing the classification labels, We will do a brief review of the most important aspects.

How is get those percentages of race Iberian?

So be considerate of Iberian pig the mother has to be 100% Iberian breed.

  • Pork 100% Iberian breed = ♂ 100% Iberian + ♀ 100% Iberian.
  • Pork 75% Iberian breed = ♂ 50% Iberian breed + ♀ 100% Iberian breed.
  • Pork 50% Iberian race = race Duroc ♂ + ♀ 100% Iberian breed.

The Duroc It is a breed of pig, distantly related to the Iberian breed that stands out for its juiciness, taste and, above all, infiltration of fat. It is a breed that is present at the junction of high quality products with D.O..

Now well, feeding and breeding of pigs also determines if you have a quality Iberian ham and it is a necessary condition for granted one or another tag. We can distinguish between:

  • Acorn: When the power supply has been based Acorns in pastures of holm oaks, Cork oaks, Oaks and grazes , bred in pastures in freedom and, reared on the.
  • Bait camp: says those pigs that their food has been been based on feed, cereals and legumes mostly, their brood reared in pastures on the.
  • Bait: they are pigs that have had a diet based on natural fodder of grain and vegetables and which have been bred on farms.


Iberian ham of hams online shop qualitySaid all of the above, There are four types of tags that reference your race and your food, they are:

Black: reserved for pigs 100% Iberian breed and with a diet based on acorns. They are the most exclusive and the only ones that can be called "Pata Negra".

Red: for pigs of 50% or 75% race-based Acorn fed Iberian.

Green: For pigs with a self-powered from a field bait, in any percentages of the Iberian pig, 50%, 75% & 100%.

White: for the Iberian pigs of bait in any of their percentages of Iberian race.


I hope that after this brief explanation is all clear 😀

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