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Iberian grain-fed Jamon

This Iberian piece has been based on the animal feed with natural feed in pastures in the South of the Iberian Peninsula. Processing is the most distinguished thanks to its traditional quality, It is an exquisite piece. Its aroma, texture and flavor will make you enjoy every bite. You can buy it whole or boned.

This Jamón Ibérico de bellota is free of additives, preservatives and processed in a completely natural way. They come from pure Iberian mother 100%, In addition to the distinctive collar red proving their 75% Guijuelo Iberian, What makes it a great quality product. If you are looking for the best Iberian ham online, at ESEjamonjamon we make it easy.

The natural development of this piece, coupled with the fact that comes from Iberian pigs reared in freedom and fattened on natural feed in pastures in the South of the Iberian Peninsula, it is Jabugo, make it a real delight. It's a product of outstanding quality that will leave you open-mouthed.

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