Who doesn't want a good ham?

A priori, It may seem like the stupidest question you've read today. In this blog entry we will give you a good Tips to identify your Iberian ham, so much for the time in which you have to buy ham online, Once you have it in a House. Regarding the question posed, Although we are always looking for the highest quality, each has the taste of the usual ham: a few more sweet, other more mature, Some want it to Cook, and others simply wish to enjoy a good wine.

In General, to identify a good Iberian ham, You should follow these tips that you will find helpful.

1º – Figure. We need to identify our ham, Iberian ham is fine fine or pata cane, more elongated, with a more stylized figure that the Ham Serrano.

2º – Weight. There is a good margin, but exclusive would be of 7 kg. to 9 kg, Why is the perfect balance between quantity carne-curacion, (and also the size of the bones).

3º – As regards the hoof, It is advisable to be black. In the Jamón Ibérico de bellota We will say that it is “essential”.

4º – Once we have already managed to buy ham online and have it at home, ToCA “The finger test“. Pressing ham fat fingers, These sink doing sweating and it should be easy to remove the finger. The Iberian pig fat is characterized by soft.

5º – The flavor It should not be salted, But sense and with the connotations of its power. In addition, the Court is characterized by the aroma given off and the slight sweat to let go of their subjection slices of bacon. The infiltration of fat denote a super quality.

Don't worry if you don't identify any of these tips or guidelines, practice will help you. You can also support you in labels certifying its origin and power, as we explain in our post with the tags of Iberian ham.

“The ham is an art and as such must understand it”.

If you have some other identifier of quality in General, don't hesitate to comment this article 😉 also, You can now access our Serrano ham,, paletas, hams and wines where you can, In addition to buy ham online, acquire a variety of these related products tailored to your tastes and needs of consumption.


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