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Our shop online are focused on offering you a quality ham at an unbeatable price. Both the Iberian ham as the Serrano ham they are natural and processed foods by natural processes, and it is that the ham is one of the delicacies that complements the Mediterranean diet. It has traditionally been consumed in all Spain for centuries until today. Thanks to technological advances, Now you can buy ham online quality from the comfort of your home.

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A good ham is identified both by the figure, as for the color and, Of course, by flavor. The feature that most define the flavor of the ham is food that has previously had the pork. These animals can receive a diet of acorns and grasses or -based feed (cereals).

Currently, we can distinguish between four types of labelling of hams:

  • Black; for food based on acorns and Iberian pigs.
  • Red; for pigs of more of the 49% Iberian breed fed on acorns.
  • Green; for pigs with power bait and more than the 49% Iberian pig breed.
  • White; for pigs with power bait and any percentage of purebred Iberian.

In our hams online shop You can have the confidence of knowing that all our products have the highest quality and great tasting. This is why we supply a wide range of professionals in the sector.


Buy ham online

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