The wines; wine, the juice of the grape par excellence, about Spanish culture. is more than one online shop of ham, sausages and wine or one Serrano ham,, We also attach importance to our wines. Today we'll talk about some of them and the different classifications of wines that I can find.

The simplest classification is between red wine & white wine, the two most widely consumed types, but we can not forget of the rosé wine, Since this classification should really be with regard to the variety of the grape or the predominant variety of the wine in question. As a first approximation, in this article we are going to differentiate between the three wines above.

Red wine

This kind of wine is made mostly from red grapes. As the color is in the skins, usually fermentation is done with the grape juice and the skins. Only after the completion of fermentation (a few 20 (days), proceed to the racking or bleeding.

Wine white

Made from white or red grapes (from pulp not coloured). In this second case, separates the juice from the skins immediately so do not give color. In general the fermentation takes place with grape juice, separated from skins, Nuggets, scratches, etc. As a curiosity, Although it is not common to aging it, There are white wines with aging.

Rosé wine

The rosé wines they are made from red grapes that are allowed some maceration)“maceration for one night”) of the grapes before pressing of the grape juice, of form that must take some color. After the previous step, the filtrate must is fermented. Another method less purist is the proper mixture of wines red wines white wines.

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