In this brief article we will make a first and simple classification among hams for those who do not have knowledge on the subject. Later we will post several related articles, but they will be more specific, Since we want to make more pleasant reading today.

Ham or palette?

It is known as the Ham or ham as such they are the hind legs of the pig animal; Thus emphasize that the so-called paletas or shoulders, are the two front legs. The main difference between the ham and the palette is the weight, something that is linked to the price, Since the ham is a product that is sold per kg. It should be noted, the above mentioned, that the palette is no worse, simply that the despite less (envelope 5 kg) and have a percentage of slightly greater bone, its price is lower.

Race and hams?

Race plays an important role in the flavor, the texture and the final product odor; In addition to its shaped, being the Acorn more elongated. We won't go much into detail in this post, Since we will later dedicate a special for this entry. The most well known breeds are the Iberian and the Serrana or white.

As a brief overview, the Iberian breed, It is the breed for excellence in Ham, the most recognized and the more manicured. It should be noted that for a ham to be Iberian, You must have a 50% This, and this percentage is indicated and is identified in the ham, it means, is controlled, as it should be.

The commonly call Serrana race or white, It is in fact mixtures of races Duroc, Landrace, Large White, Pietrain, and they adopt the old name from the habit of cured ham in high places of the mountains, where cold temperatures facilitate healing.

Power and hams?

The pig feed is so important, This ham is classified accordingly, Although the classification in terms of power is stronger in the Iberian. The classification is basically done according to the amount of Acorn that is consumed before slaughter. Pig may receive a power base feed (cereals and legumes), either Acorns and grasses. He also vary the mode in which you live pig price, It may be from feedlot, Feedlot fattening up to breeding periods in meadows.

Designation of origin of the hams?

In the ham, as in any product quality and tradition, There are geographic areas par excellence for breeding and the drying of pigs and hams. For each race, there are a few prominent appellations of origin, as they are Jabugo in Huelva, and Guijuelo Salamanca for the Iberian ham, & Granada or Trevélez for ham. These areas producing final products, Serrano ham, Iberico ham, , paletas, sausages… very elaborate and nourished in the tradition of the ham in Spain.

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